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Born and raised in Colombia, Claudia Gutierrez is a hands-on Calo Studio Owner & Creative Director, with a passion for the work. She excels in strategy, design, leadership, skilled in marketing, logo design, media design, beauty direction, and more. Claudia is committed to producing quality experiences for her clients while inspiring her team to do the same.

I have been a creative my entire life and I'm lucky enough to do what I love. I am a well-rounded, hands-on creative director who is comfortable rolling up my sleeves and handling all aspects of the ownership and creative business process. I see the big picture while paying attention to the details and I love diving into strategy and championing solutions that increase key actions. I am also skilled in leading teams and inspiring others to produce their best work. My team knows that I'm passionate about work and constantly strive to evolve the beauty experience and inspire change with every choice we make.

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