Tomas Vasquez

My name is Tomas Vasquez

I have been living in New York my whole life, I am proud to say my family lineage on both sides of my family are from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico.


The one thing I love about life is what you give in it is what you get, so the moral of the story is be nice while respecting yourself and life will give you nice people who respect you in return. My favorite things to do, are to travel, try different cuisines, and to learn different cultures and languages!


What I love most about being a hairdresser is that it encompasses everything I am as an individual. I have always been the Artistic, Science Nerd who couldn't ever stop talking about his emotions. In reality hair stylists must have a great understanding of the science behind hair, an Artistic vision that can be achieved for each client's individual wants, and lastly we must be great communicators to not only understand what the client is looking for but to also be there for them emotionally!


I Graduated 6 years ago first in my class at Arrojo Cosmetology School, and received 2 scholarships for advanced continuing Education courses. I apprenticed at The Red Door 5th Ave Flagship location for 2 and a half years working with incredible hair stylists, which is also where I had access to the finest continuing education to better my craft. I specialize in color correction and blonde hair color services, if I have lightner and some hair I will be in my zone! 


Lastly, something that clients don't always get to know about me is that I enjoy singing. I feel singing allows my emotions to flow out into the world and makes me feel more whole!


I appreciate you taking the time to read my bio, please check me out on Instagram where I post all my work, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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